Upcoming Wine Blog

I wanted to make sense of the money I would spend on each bottle.
I like and consume wine often. I know what I prefer, but I always like to try something new. I just felt sorry for that impression of opening a new bottle to go irreversible. Therefore, I decided, first and foremost, for myself, to record the impressions and preserve them. I will make notes on each wine I will consume from now on.
My friends and acquaintances with whom I share a similar love for good wine give me additional motivation. I hope you find my notes helpful or at least entertaining.

The second real question is What can I say to be useful and interesting?
Since I'm not even a sommelier or an oenologist but actually a regular consumer, wine enthusiast or whatever, why would anyone be interested in my comments at all.
First of all, impartiality. Of course I prefer certain varieties or regions more than others, but my judgment will not be influenced by anyone. In short, no one is paying me or in any way influencing his wine to get better comments.

Since I own a fridge, I store red wines at 17-18 degrees Celsius. On this occasion he would slap my famous Hyundai wine cooler because I have to reset it at least three times a day, it was already in repair even though it has all the conditions for perfect operation, and it makes noise as if it keeps the temperature of 6 thousand bottles, not 6. However, no i can spit it on because it was a gift that is still tremendously useful. Even in mid-July, for example, water condenses inside because it's still 29 degrees outside. Drama.

The white wines are nicely laid in the compartment provided in the standard refrigerator at a temperature of approximately 8 degrees.

Of course, I have an adequate red wine tasting glass (I use two depending on the type of wine) and, of course, for white wines. Plus a tulip for a champagne and a tulip for desserts and a bunch of other dicks, but that's not the topic. In short, I have a good enough appliance and I know what, where and how to charge.

You can join me on my journey as wine taster at my new blog WineOnMyTime.