Why We Actually Need Real Estate Agents

We talked with Bob Idell - famous Ocean City NJ reeal estate agent about his work, why is it so important, what services they do instead of buyers and sellers and why they deserve commission.

Buying or selling real estate is the biggest investment for most people, and the process itself can be very complicated and risky. Especially if you get into it on your own without professional help. Of course, buying a property can be quick and easy, provided you are well versed in finance, legal regulation, the construction profession, architecture, energy efficiency, demographics, transport, contracting and administrative procedures ...

All this knowledge, admittedly, can hardly be disposed of by one person, but that is why there is a solution - a real estate agency. We are talking to Jasna Biliskov Baron from Biliskov Real Estate Agency about why to hire a mediation agency, how to check if the agency is legal and what services it offers.

- Just as you always hire a law firm to advise and represent you in legal affairs, so the real estate business requires professionals who will do the pretty important job for you. And these are licensed and professional real estate agencies - says Jasna Biliskov Baron, and above all advises that every potential client checks the legality of the agency she plans to hire. Namely, the fact is that in every branch, including among real estate agencies, there are those who do their job as professionally and transparently as possible, but also those who would be better avoided. Unfortunately, there are also "black" agencies on the market that ruin the profession's reputation.

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- If you work with an illegal trader and if there are any complications during the sale phase, you are absolutely vulnerable and unprotected in every way. If the agency is illegal you will know if it is not entered in the register of real estate agents kept by the US Chamber of Economy. Alarm for the gray zone should also be real estate ads on web portals and in prints without a visible name of the agency, and in a telephone conversation they tell you that they are an agency and ask for a commission - he points out.

A quality and legal licensed real estate agency, in turn, brings together a team of people made up of professionals in various fields, such as licensed agents, architects, financial advisers, attorneys, appraisers, who will check each property in advance and when you describe your needs, the process will really be quick and easy, and contracting, transaction and transcript of ownership secure.