Complete Guide to Visiting Geneva

Geneva is filled with a plethora of museums, outdoor markets, mountains of chocolate, beautiful nature, and shopping. Geneva truly is a place you need to cross off of your bucket list.


Old town in Geneva

Some refer to it as the City of Peace. The name derived from the beautiful nature that it is filled with and the astonishing mountain that surrounds it - the Alps.

There is a lot of things to do in Geneva so you need to be meticulous in your preparations and punctual in your decision making - the pragmatist inside of you has to come out and play.

The Swiss are all about punctuality, it is like it is in their blood or DNA. As accurate as a Swiss watch is an old saying that stuck with them - because it perfectly describes them.

It is one of the few positive stereotypes in the world that are true. The Swiss really respect everyone’s time. And all they expect in return is for you to do the same.

It might not be as rigorous as in Japan where the subway central apologizes to its travelers for a delay of a couple of seconds. But the Swiss understand how valuable each second in today’s time and age is.

We live in a world filled with an abundance of information, from news to trivia there might be too much information and outlets through which information can flow. And it can be really hard to dilute all that information in order to find the ones that aren’t fake or actually are useful.


Lake Geneva

And in order to have enough time for ourselves to fulfill our goals, dreams, and desires - respecting each other’s time is crucial. The Swiss understood that concept very well, and they acknowledged it long before the world became as fast-paced as it is.

Complete Guide to Visiting Geneva 2020

The first thing that will make you not worry about your trip to Geneva is the language barrier. There simply is not one - the main language in Geneva is French, however, the city is multinational, and most if not all residents speak English as well.


Currency might be a little troublesome, however. Euro is still accepted as a regular occurrence, however, you can use the euro but there will be a premium (higher) rate applied when paying in Euro currency.



Man taking cash from the ATM

On the upside, there are a lot of ATMs almost on every corner in the city where you can get your money from the bank and exchange it at a nearby Exchange office to the Swiss Franc which is the official currency used in Geneva.

Travel Tip

When you get to Geneva, you should find out where you can buy a Geneva Pass. With this ticket for a limited amount of time, depending on the price - for 24, 48, or 72 hours you are able to visit many museums for free, as well as spending time on the lake and using the public transport.

It is a low cost and economic way of a tourist visit to Geneva. It is not a thing to miss out on lightly.


What is the secret of getting around Geneva - well there is not one, there are a couple of ways to get to your destination, some are included in the Geneva Pass, while others are not included in the pass.

Like any other city in the world, and maybe the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when transport is mentioned. The word transport is quite easily associated with the taxi industry.

You can order them by phone or hail them in the street. They are required to speak English by law, making it more comfortable if you don’t speak French. Beware that rates increase at night, on Sundays, and on holidays.

The second mode of transportation, more than known and accustomed to is certainly public transportation. Trams and buses are running for the entirety of the day and night, however, when the sun falls the number of vehicles and frequency falls as well.


Popular Swiss Train

And as an added bonus Geneva fosters one more mode of public transportation - this one is not as frequent an occurrence as the other two. Only a couple of cities in the world have it, with Venice on top of my mind - boats are a neat way of public transportation in Geneva.

You can also rent a car in Geneva, the price is not too steep and the roads are quite well taken care of. You will have an easy time driving in Geneva as the drivers are not prone to excessive driving and the roads are looking quite well.

Renting a limousine service or a professional chauffeur in Geneva service is another quite common way of transportation, as there are a couple of dozen of companies that provide this service. The competition is steep and the quality is even better just because of it.


Luxury black limousine and chauffeur

You are able to book a limousine service as a one-time deal - get to your destination or you can book it by the hour. It depends only on what you want - and as a tourist, you should look into guided tours around the city from the comfort and luxury of a limousine.

And last but not least - walking on foot or renting a bike. If you are looking for a way to explore the city on your own then perhaps doing it on foot or by cycling is the way that suits you the most. There are many bike rental services in Geneva that you can get a bike from.

Top 5 Things to Do in Geneva

These are our top choices for things to visit or do in Geneva:

  • Fish on Lake Geneva
  • Explore Old Town
  • Paraglide
  • Make Your Own Swiss Knife
  • Physics Museum

Fish on Lake Geneva

Before you go fishing, you will need to acquire a fishing permit, however, you needn’t worry about it as it costs only 10 francs to get it. And they can be bought at numerous locations such as fishing equipment stores throughout Geneva.

There are also packages for the summer that include bed and breakfast accommodations, a fishing guide, one of the local fishermen will be at your disposal the entire trip. And in the end, you will have a hotel chef to prepare the fish or you.

Explore Old Town

Old Arsenal, La Place du Bourg-de-Four, and Maison Tavel are just some of the numerous sights that you mustn’t miss when you go to the old part of the city. The Old town offers everything from old cathedrals to art galleries for you to sightsee.


For those of you who are fans of extreme sports, you are in luck as one of the options in Geneva is Paragliding. You start from the mountains in France and make your way down to Geneva gaining a new perspective of this fine city.

Flights take off daily and each one takes about 45-60 minutes. It will cost you around 150 CHF per person.

Make Your Own Swiss Knife

Who doesn’t want a Swiss knife? With all the features it provides you with, from scissors to knives just think of all the situations you can use them - a couple of things come to mind instantly.

Swiss knives are quite helpful for the outdoors and camping. It can come really handy in those situations.

But you can also use it for some mundane everyday activities - some plastic bag is harder to open than they should be, well you have portable scissors on your keychain - no fuss about it.


Swiss Knife

At some stores in Geneva, you are given the opportunity to assemble your own swiss knife and have it engraved. The helpful staff is with you all the way.

It can be used as a gift for any situation or you can make it for yourself as well - it is quite a neat souvenir to bring home with you.

Physics Museum

What happens at the Physics (CERN) Museum in Geneva is one of the most important physics experiments right now.

Walking through the same hallways as the great minds who are trying to recreate the Big Bang and to prove the big bang theory. It is truly an inspiring place to visit for anyone, not just the physicists.



They also host annual exhibitions like the Universe of Particles and Microcom - very fascinating exhibitions to attend.

In Conclusion

Geneva is one of the most interesting cities to visit in Europe. The proximity to the Alpes, the beautiful nature that surrounds, and the general tone and vibe you get from the city is not an opportunity you should disregard.

Getting around the city is quite easy with the Geneva Pass that consists of numerous features that you can use to your advantage.

Another neat thing is that there is no language barrier - French is the most used language however everybody knows English, and the cab drivers need to know as that is the law.

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What is a Construction Management Plan

What is a Construction Management Plan?


A Construction Management Plan, better known as a “CMP” is a management plan that outlines all the activities that are present in a construction process as well as how does constructor intend to bring environmental damage and residential impact to a minimum. This type of plan is becoming more and more common worldwide but especially in the UK. Most city councils require a Construction Management Plan as a main part of construction planning application.


Why Is it Important?


CMP has become a main part of almost every single building project application. It’s not just mandatory for big projects, this type of plan is now a requirement for any project that is likely to impact local neighborhood in any way. 


A typical CMP displays an overview of all the activities that will be conducted on the construction site, traffic and waste management, logistics and safety measures for both in and around the development site. The size of the plan is usually directly connected to the size of the project and the plan itself is often created just when the contractor has a clear image of the building in mind - when the project design is done. 


Each plan is different and it needs to be created in cooperation with other stakeholders of the construction site, such as the investors, owners and contractors. The clear goal of every CPM is that the construction doesn’t have any impact to the surroundings, safety of the residents or the workers and that the building is built the proper way. The plan also needs to cover all the deadlines that have to be respected in order for the project to finish on time. It is worth to mention that nowadays, there are a lot of software and online tools which can help you out create such a plan.

Thailand Travel Tips

Summer Vacation in Thailand – the land of freedom, where happiness is only enough for a comfortable hamlets in the shade of Palm grove with a view of the Turquastic sea, and at hand a plate of exotic sweet fruits.

This picturesque country, "bathed in the sun", which simply "Opes" foreigners, has the largest number of tourists from all Southeast Asian countries, and when it is "experience", you will be clear and why it is.

Before you decide on traveling to this beautiful country make sure to read about things to consider when planing a trip to Thailand.

The first encounter with this country awaits you in Bangkok – only the heart of Thailand, the capital with a lot of hotels (even a tree Hotel), a thousand markets, boats, at first sight of countless inhabitants, perhaps at the beginning you will not like all the crowds, the noise, the heat but this "crazy" town PR You must see, and in the end, you must return.

If you are a female half, you will certainly enjoy "Shopinga from heaven", and not only that, enjoy an unforgettable evening cruise on the Chao Phraya River.Do not forget the famous tuk-tuk driving, roof bars, and Ladyboy show, Muay Thai (Kickboxing)... And something else, Thai they do not call their city Bangkok, but Krung Thep.

If you go south, you will encounter countless palmi, Turquany sea, mystical temples, perfect beaches, a smile on the host's faces are "medicine" for tired Europeans, and not only them, most tourists come from China, Malaysia, Russia, Japan... While in the south we meet some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the north is the lonely tribe in the dense forests that are arriving by rail, over the river Kay.

And in what way is the beauty of this "country of Smiles", maybe a two-week circular cruise is the best way, imagine sailing a wooden old traditional Thai boat (25 m.length), slower, but everywhere comes and stops.Spend the night in the open sky on deck, or in full privacy of the cabin.

The lowest prices of air tickets and the hotel are Europe's summer period.Certainly, the most expensive item is air transportation, and the flight lasts for a day, for the transfer, while the price of accommodation is very affordable as well as food.You will enjoy, regardless of whether you opt for a ship's adventure on the Andaman Sea and the Pacific Ocean or the classic Hotel beach.

To leave Thailand and not try a Thai massage of artificial hands of local girls at very affordable prices would be a real shame.Those who love the exotic in this area remain to try an elephant massage.Otherwise, the white elephants that only live in Thailand enjoy a special status.Tourists can "pass" three days of training and receive Medjunardoni Certificate of the elephant trainer.

Enough motives to visit this land of orchids, mystical rivers, fascinating temples, paradise beaches, cordial people and giant tropical forests, enough to return again!

Upcoming Wine Blog

I wanted to make sense of the money I would spend on each bottle.
I like and consume wine often. I know what I prefer, but I always like to try something new. I just felt sorry for that impression of opening a new bottle to go irreversible. Therefore, I decided, first and foremost, for myself, to record the impressions and preserve them. I will make notes on each wine I will consume from now on.
My friends and acquaintances with whom I share a similar love for good wine give me additional motivation. I hope you find my notes helpful or at least entertaining.

The second real question is What can I say to be useful and interesting?
Since I'm not even a sommelier or an oenologist but actually a regular consumer, wine enthusiast or whatever, why would anyone be interested in my comments at all.
First of all, impartiality. Of course I prefer certain varieties or regions more than others, but my judgment will not be influenced by anyone. In short, no one is paying me or in any way influencing his wine to get better comments.

Since I own a fridge, I store red wines at 17-18 degrees Celsius. On this occasion he would slap my famous Hyundai wine cooler because I have to reset it at least three times a day, it was already in repair even though it has all the conditions for perfect operation, and it makes noise as if it keeps the temperature of 6 thousand bottles, not 6. However, no i can spit it on because it was a gift that is still tremendously useful. Even in mid-July, for example, water condenses inside because it's still 29 degrees outside. Drama.

The white wines are nicely laid in the compartment provided in the standard refrigerator at a temperature of approximately 8 degrees.

Of course, I have an adequate red wine tasting glass (I use two depending on the type of wine) and, of course, for white wines. Plus a tulip for a champagne and a tulip for desserts and a bunch of other dicks, but that's not the topic. In short, I have a good enough appliance and I know what, where and how to charge.

You can join me on my journey as wine taster at my new blog WineOnMyTime.

Why We Actually Need Real Estate Agents

We talked with Bob Idell - famous Ocean City NJ reeal estate agent about his work, why is it so important, what services they do instead of buyers and sellers and why they deserve commission.

Buying or selling real estate is the biggest investment for most people, and the process itself can be very complicated and risky. Especially if you get into it on your own without professional help. Of course, buying a property can be quick and easy, provided you are well versed in finance, legal regulation, the construction profession, architecture, energy efficiency, demographics, transport, contracting and administrative procedures ...

All this knowledge, admittedly, can hardly be disposed of by one person, but that is why there is a solution - a real estate agency. We are talking to Jasna Biliskov Baron from Biliskov Real Estate Agency about why to hire a mediation agency, how to check if the agency is legal and what services it offers.

- Just as you always hire a law firm to advise and represent you in legal affairs, so the real estate business requires professionals who will do the pretty important job for you. And these are licensed and professional real estate agencies - says Jasna Biliskov Baron, and above all advises that every potential client checks the legality of the agency she plans to hire. Namely, the fact is that in every branch, including among real estate agencies, there are those who do their job as professionally and transparently as possible, but also those who would be better avoided. Unfortunately, there are also "black" agencies on the market that ruin the profession's reputation.

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- If you work with an illegal trader and if there are any complications during the sale phase, you are absolutely vulnerable and unprotected in every way. If the agency is illegal you will know if it is not entered in the register of real estate agents kept by the US Chamber of Economy. Alarm for the gray zone should also be real estate ads on web portals and in prints without a visible name of the agency, and in a telephone conversation they tell you that they are an agency and ask for a commission - he points out.

A quality and legal licensed real estate agency, in turn, brings together a team of people made up of professionals in various fields, such as licensed agents, architects, financial advisers, attorneys, appraisers, who will check each property in advance and when you describe your needs, the process will really be quick and easy, and contracting, transaction and transcript of ownership secure. 

How To Wash Your Hats - LDH Knows How!

I know this question has been asked and answered so many times. Beside that, it's still being asked more than 100.000 times a month! At least that's how many searches it gets on monthly bases on Google alone. 

Having this in mind I decided to talk with one of the owners and creators of Lift Down Hats about this topic. Before we move to quick tips and guide, let's have few words about LDG itself. They are small company specializing in unique headwear. If you’re looking for something new, you’re in the right place.

Cleaning a hat in cloth or felt is not as difficult as many think;

-You can clean your hat using a soft bristle brush. Gently brush the hat always combing it in the same direction of the hair.

- Brush your hat from the cup to the wing removing dust, you can use duct tape to remove lint.

-If your cloth hat has small spots use a sponge with warm water and soap to remove the stain.

-The leather and felt hats are more prone to stains, if your hat comes into contact with any substance such as mud, avoid rubbing it as it will only fix the stain more. Let the substance dry and freshly remove it.

No more than 200 words and LDH owner already explained how to keep your hats clean and neat all the time. It's not that big of a deal as many think, and it will take you no more than 10 minutes to clean your hat, no matter of the material it's made of. 

I really hope that this two minute read solved your problems when it comes to cleaning your hat. Since LDH owner gave us his time to explain in short points how to do it, make sure to visit his website and learn more useful tips.