Thailand Travel Tips

Summer Vacation in Thailand – the land of freedom, where happiness is only enough for a comfortable hamlets in the shade of Palm grove with a view of the Turquastic sea, and at hand a plate of exotic sweet fruits.

This picturesque country, "bathed in the sun", which simply "Opes" foreigners, has the largest number of tourists from all Southeast Asian countries, and when it is "experience", you will be clear and why it is.

Before you decide on traveling to this beautiful country make sure to read about things to consider when planing a trip to Thailand.

The first encounter with this country awaits you in Bangkok – only the heart of Thailand, the capital with a lot of hotels (even a tree Hotel), a thousand markets, boats, at first sight of countless inhabitants, perhaps at the beginning you will not like all the crowds, the noise, the heat but this "crazy" town PR You must see, and in the end, you must return.

If you are a female half, you will certainly enjoy "Shopinga from heaven", and not only that, enjoy an unforgettable evening cruise on the Chao Phraya River.Do not forget the famous tuk-tuk driving, roof bars, and Ladyboy show, Muay Thai (Kickboxing)... And something else, Thai they do not call their city Bangkok, but Krung Thep.

If you go south, you will encounter countless palmi, Turquany sea, mystical temples, perfect beaches, a smile on the host's faces are "medicine" for tired Europeans, and not only them, most tourists come from China, Malaysia, Russia, Japan... While in the south we meet some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the north is the lonely tribe in the dense forests that are arriving by rail, over the river Kay.

And in what way is the beauty of this "country of Smiles", maybe a two-week circular cruise is the best way, imagine sailing a wooden old traditional Thai boat (25 m.length), slower, but everywhere comes and stops.Spend the night in the open sky on deck, or in full privacy of the cabin.

The lowest prices of air tickets and the hotel are Europe's summer period.Certainly, the most expensive item is air transportation, and the flight lasts for a day, for the transfer, while the price of accommodation is very affordable as well as food.You will enjoy, regardless of whether you opt for a ship's adventure on the Andaman Sea and the Pacific Ocean or the classic Hotel beach.

To leave Thailand and not try a Thai massage of artificial hands of local girls at very affordable prices would be a real shame.Those who love the exotic in this area remain to try an elephant massage.Otherwise, the white elephants that only live in Thailand enjoy a special status.Tourists can "pass" three days of training and receive Medjunardoni Certificate of the elephant trainer.

Enough motives to visit this land of orchids, mystical rivers, fascinating temples, paradise beaches, cordial people and giant tropical forests, enough to return again!