9 Ideas to Engage with Visitors on Your Website

Engagement with your visitors is the key to the success of your website, but do you have the ability to make people want to follow your work? Are you different from thousands of competitors and various websites?


In this article, we will try to answer these questions and find ways on how to get frequent visitors!

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs (or key performance indicators) are indicators that small businesses start to rely on after running businesses for quite a few years. When mentioning key performance indicators we often think about internal and external metrics.

Internal  Metrics

Internal metrics measure visitor interaction and watch time on your website. Watch time is very important. The longer visitors stay on your website means they will more likely buy your product or try to learn as much as they can reading your content. They will probably continue clicking on other related articles on your website.                                                                      

External  Metrics

External metrics give us information on how much traffic we’ve got from external visitors. External visitors visit our website using links that lead them to your page. Those links are placed on other related websites, and they most likely popped in their recommendations. Links bring value to your website. The more your external traffic grows, the more you get recommended to other visitors who have a similar interest in that certain topic.


After we learned what internal and external metrics are, let's get ideas on how to engage with the visitors. Here are 9 best tips for best engagement with visitors:

  1. Your Knowledge Must Be Shared With Visitors

Everyone has some personal secret tricks for reaching goals! If you want to attract more visitors, don’t think twice about providing valuable content to your audience. Share your secret tricks and hacks with the world. Talk about relatable topics and problems. This organic way of contributing to the community will greatly help you get results! Math is simple: make interesting content, share something that others don’t know, and you will get results. By providing information for free, you will make people want to learn more from you. By doing that you will achieve more monthly visitors who will leave positive feedback.

  1. Always Use Pictures

Humans are visual creatures. When they see a visual representation of a product or service, it triggers an emotional response, which makes them more likely to buy it. If you have an e-commerce website, you should consider adding photos of people doing interesting activities with your product. It will spark their interest and motivate them to keep engaging with your content!


They will further explore your products and possibly buy it. The more professional your photos look, the more engaged visitors you’ll have! Take big, successful brands as an example. They invest a lot of time and money in brand presentation and visually appealing content. Think about taking their lead, in ways that are possible for your budget. If you are just starting, try to get inspiration from brands you love, get familiar with some editing software, and practice! If you are ready to invest some cash, hiring a professional should definitely be the next step!

  1. Videos Are Even Better!

Have you noticed that lately, more and more brands include videos on their websites? Thanks to the faster internet connection we have nowadays, videos can load quickly, and they attract visitors’ attention in seconds! People love videos.

Simple and well-presented video adds a real-life feel to the experience. If you are either running an e-commerce store or want to share an interesting story with your visitors, keep in mind that a video can provide much more information than a bunch of photos and text. And it’s also the type of content that is fastest and easiest to engage with. You don't have a product to display? That shouldn’t be a problem. You can show your business in a unique and innovative way. 

Tell the story about your brand, goals, and stuff you’re passionate about! You can even provide value to the community by creating educative videos on topics related to your industry. When it comes to engagement, that will be guaranteed success! If you want to go the extra mile, think about the ways to create shareable content - something remarkable that people will want to share with their friends or followers. 

  1. Growth Of Mobile Users

In 2015. Google data showed that from day to day, more people are using mobile phones for search and shopping purposes. It shouldn’t be a surprise because people spend so much time on their phones, especially for entertainment and social media. If you have a website only designed for desktop users, you are probably wasting an opportunity to attract wider audiences. By creating a responsive mobile website, you will have your content displayed on mobile phones the same way as it’s displayed on the desktop. 

  1. Communication With Visitors Via Email

Try to get in touch with visitors through their emails. Don’t be spammy. Provide them with the latest news and updates. Carefully think about these questions before sending an email to your visitors:

- Is this relevant content that my visitors will appreciate?

- How frequently should I send emails?

- Should my emails be more formal than informal?

  1. Enhance Engagement with Chatbot

If you want your website to have 24/7 customer support, but don’t want to hire extra stuff, a chatbot is a great option! A well-programmed chatbot keeps visitors on your website by offering them relevant information about your products and services.


The chatbot can answer questions, recommend your services, and collect emails from visitors. It has the ability to convert visitors to qualified leads! 

  1. Create Related Chain

What does that mean? Well, this is referred to your content. When creating your blog or an e-commerce website, always show your visitors related articles. For example, if you are selling kitchen knives, you should recommend to your visitors an article about knife stands. When visitors want to buy those knives, they will also try to find stands for them, so instead of selling only knives, you will also earn a commission from those stands. The same goes for writing blogs!

  1. Show/Display Customer Reviews

If you decide to allow customer reviews on your website, other potential customers will be able to see what others thought of your product or service. This is a very useful feature because:

  1. visitors won't feel uncertain about buying a product
  2. it’s a convenient way to keep visitors in contact with each other

With this feature, visitors will also be able to leave negative feedback and that can be good sometimes. It can be very useful because with that information you will have the ability to fix the potential problem and not lose further buyers.

  1. Provide Engaging Events

You should consider implementing engaging events on your website. They have the potential to bring you even closer contact with your audience. Events such as giveaways, contests, fundraisings, educational sessions, live videos, and webinars are great examples. Implement them in your website development strategy, and you will see benefits very soon!


Visitors will be able to interact with your business, from which they will learn everything about you and what you can give in return if they chose to follow you in your project. Also, you will be able to learn what your audience is most passionate about, and with that information, you can create the best program/product that your visitors will go crazy about. 


To sum everything that has been stated, the most efficient way to improve engagement with your visitors is to try all these ideas and see the results. Test one idea at a time, or test them simultaneously and see what goes best. Collect feedback from visitors and see first hand what they think about your approach with those innovative ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment!