3 Things to Know When Visiting Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps are probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet when it comes to nature and dreamy landscapes. The beautiful sights you get to see on chocolate packings with cows and green glade with snowy mountain tops in the background – the best thing about Swiss Alps is that all of these sites are not photoshopped, they really do exist and they are as perfect as nature can get! 


Swiss Alps.

This mountain range doesn't only belong to Switzerland, but in that country, it has a special charm. Swiss Alps are the perfect place to visit during a whole year and they are suitable for snow lovers, but as well as those who love to spend their spring or summer in the mountains. If you plan a travel to the Swiss Alps, here are the main 3 things useful to know :

1.       Swiss Alps – the world center of skiing


Skiing on Swiss Alps.

The Alps present the main tourist attraction in Switzerland. They are the highest European mountain range and there are many ways for nature lovers to experience all of its peaks and attractions that it has to offer. As said, these mountains don't belong only to the Swiss. 

Swiss Alps also pass through the French, German and Italian regions, but they cover a large percent of Switzerland's surface –even 65 percent of its whole territory. Although the Swiss Alps include a large number of famous peaks, the Matterhorn is probably the most famous mountain and it connects Switzerland and Italy. 

It doesn't come as a surprise that Switzerland is one of the most visited countries worldwide when it comes to winterly activities. Therefore, skiing is a favorite activity in winter not only for tourists but also for Swiss people who live in the cities nearby. 

Winter tourism in Switzerland is one of the better-developed industries in the world! These ski resorts are among the most famous ones worldwide and you have to make a reservation for accommodation many months ahead of the winter season. Known ski centers located in the Swiss Alps are  Grindelwald, Gstaad, Zermatt, and of course, the most famous and the most visited one of them all - St. Moritz.

2.       Think about climate influence on your health


Beautiful nature of Swiss Alps.

If your trip route takes you to the Alps, don`t forget that you`ll be in very high mountains. Be aware of your fitness abilities while hiking or walking through the mountains, the air is not the same at that altitude. 

Many people are mesmerized by the beauty of the Swiss Alps so they would like to see everything and go on tour through the mountains all day long. That's understandable because of the magnificent nature and environment there but think of yourself first. 

Keep in mind that even healthy people can have some side effects of diluted air if they are not accustomed to this climate. Rest more often while enjoying the mountains, and don’t force yourself. 

If you're visiting the Swiss Alps during the winter months, you also can`t forget that the sun is still there behind the clouds! That means you have to bring some sunscreen and use it all day long. People get sunburned while skiing even more than during summer and tanning on the beach. Protect your skin from UV radiation all the time, and especially when you're that high in the mountains, it's very important.

3.       Don`t forget about beautiful Alpine cities

One of the most famous alpine cities is Lucerne. It's a medieval city full of historical sights which are located on the shores of a bright blue lake. The city is surrounded by mountains which, along with the lake, make its landscape look like an unbelievable painting. 

Next even more famous city in Geneva. It lies on the shores of Lake Geneva, which is the largest alpine lake and it's located on the border of Switzerland and France. Chateau de Chillon, a fortress on the shores of Lake Geneva, is an architectural treasure that was an inspiration to Lord Byron, Victor Igou and other famous writers – that says enough of its beauty and you definitely need to experience it. 


Lake Geneva.

However, if you still want to stick to nature, we recommend touring by train. There are many places where you can get your train ticket, and there are routes which connect italian part of the Alps to some Swiss ski resorts. These landshapes where railings are crossing are breathtaking and you will get a chance to try some homemade butter from alpine milk and many other swiss specialties. In case you’re up for a more luxurious experience you can always rent a limousine service and go sightseeing. It’s definitely once in a lifetime experience.

Swiss Alps are an amazing tourist location in every sense possible. With these 3 reminders written down, you will experience them at their best! Take care of yourself while enjoying the swiss colours of life and relax to the max – the connection between intact nature and glamour with a big G are perfectly balanced in the Swiss Alps.