What is a Construction Management Plan

What is a Construction Management Plan?


A Construction Management Plan, better known as a “CMP” is a management plan that outlines all the activities that are present in a construction process as well as how does constructor intend to bring environmental damage and residential impact to a minimum. This type of plan is becoming more and more common worldwide but especially in the UK. Most city councils require a Construction Management Plan as a main part of construction planning application.


Why Is it Important?


CMP has become a main part of almost every single building project application. It’s not just mandatory for big projects, this type of plan is now a requirement for any project that is likely to impact local neighborhood in any way. 


A typical CMP displays an overview of all the activities that will be conducted on the construction site, traffic and waste management, logistics and safety measures for both in and around the development site. The size of the plan is usually directly connected to the size of the project and the plan itself is often created just when the contractor has a clear image of the building in mind - when the project design is done. 


Each plan is different and it needs to be created in cooperation with other stakeholders of the construction site, such as the investors, owners and contractors. The clear goal of every CPM is that the construction doesn’t have any impact to the surroundings, safety of the residents or the workers and that the building is built the proper way. The plan also needs to cover all the deadlines that have to be respected in order for the project to finish on time. It is worth to mention that nowadays, there are a lot of software and online tools which can help you out create such a plan.