Driver & Chauffeur: What's the Difference

You know how movie stars come to the premiers in their long sparky gallons and elegant tuxedos. And what makes it even more special is the arrival of limousines and luxurious vintage vehicles. 

Someone who is also very important in these kinds of occasions is also a personal chauffeur who is driving these beautiful, unique cars. Many people don't see the difference between drivers and a profession called chauffeur because both of them are in charge of driving. 


Chauffeur in a white limousine.

But, chauffeur means so much more. Here are the main differences between these two professions :

Why are they called chauffeurs?

The term "chauffeur" is actually a word that comes from the French language. The chauffeur is a term for the stoker because the first vehicle models were steam-powered. That's why it was needed that the driver starts the engine from outside the car. 

After that, he quickly needed and hopped back in and started driving. Of course, only the most powerful and rich people had cars, so they had employees who started the engine for them and drove them where needed. 

That's how the term chauffeur originated, and today it is referred to as a person employed to drive a private limousine (or any other vehicle) for the owner. Today there are lost agencies where you can rent a vintage vehicle, so everyone who pays for full luxurious transporting service gets a personal chauffeur as well.

The chauffeur is much more than an ordinary driver

Getting a personal chauffeur is necessary when limousines and VIP nights are included. They enhance the class and formality of the special occasion they're engaged for. Personal chauffeurs are not just ordinary drivers. 

Drivers are people who simply drive you from one location to another, like when you get a taxi. Drivers are not engaged in formal events and transporting important people. There is special training and preparation before someone becomes a chauffeur. 

Chauffeurs are people who wear special uniforms, usually with driving gloves and chauffeurs beret. They are also here to contribute to a special feeling: they'll open the doors for passengers, they will act politely and moderately. Because of them, everything is kept at a high level. 


Professional chauffeur opening a limousine door.

A professional chauffeur is here to provide a service that is the extent of everything that luxury vehicle presents. These professionals are also trained to make their passengers entertained if needed, to make the atmosphere formal yet relaxed. A personal chauffeur is always a certain and unnecessary part of VIP treatment.

Chauffeurs are more personal service than the driver

Suppose you're the proud owner of a limousine or any other luxurious and vintage vehicle. In that case, you need a professional chauffeur as your long term employer. There are so many cases where families chauffeur is in service for decades. Because they are not simply driving their employer around, usually a special bond and friendship are created between them. Therefore, chauffeurs are not just good drivers who are familiar with the area and are good with travel logistics and punctuality. 


White limousine.

They need to be trustworthy and calm but know how to balance between professional and private relationships with their employees.

No matter if you're hiring a chauffeur privately or as a part of a renting service, these professionals are definitely someone who brings the class to another level. So much more than drivers, but still the ones of them. In their uniforms and gloves, they contribute to a whole red carpet atmosphere and have everything under control.

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