Rare Succulents

You’ve been around the fat-plant block. You’ve got your ghost plants, your jades, your Lithops and at least a dozen different kinds of Echeveria. You scoff at people who confuse a Euphorbia with a cactus.

You’re a cactus connoisseur now. The King of Kalanchoe, or the Princess of Pachyphytum. You gots the Graptopetalums.

So, what’s next? How do you prove to yourself (and the world) that you’ve reached the next level of succulent fandom?

Well, obtaining some of these hard-to-find succulents and cacti is a good start. Beware, though! Some of these rare succulents are hard to care for!

Click any of the following images to go find them online! All of the links are to live plants, not seeds. Buying seeds is always iffy.