Best Succulent Instagram Accounts To Follow

Succulents are everywhere these days.

We're by no means complaining, because we've given into the obsession, just like the rest of the world. We own plenty of plant babies.

They're lining every walkway in our home and sitting pretty on our desks at work. Still, we can't get enough of them. As Ariel said, we want more.

Because taking care of succulents requires more time and effort than we have, we found the easiest way to get our succulent fix is by following succulent accounts on Instagram. That way we see enough plants to fill our hearts with joy, but we don't actually have to care for them. Though in our heads, we're convinced double tapping their photo is helping them stay alive.

Read the article below to check out 10 succulent Instagram accounts you need to follow, if you aren't already.