Succulent City - Your Guide For Succulents

Today I'll talk about an website dedicated entirely to succulents. There's no place on the web where you'll be able to find more relevant info regarding this topic than on the Succulent City website. 

Cultivating and resistant cacti, cacti offer immense satisfaction to their breeders. Because of the ease of cultivation, they are often the first plants with which flower lovers start to experience. We learned more about these plants in a conversation with Robert, representative of the Succulent City, which has existed since 2018.

Question: The general opinion is that the cactus is not difficult to cultivate. Is that right?

Answer: This is true. The largest number of cactus species is easily grown and survived in the most common soil. But rule number one is that cacti do not spill from October to April, practically not a bit. In April, plants are transplanted if needed, which means if the vessel is too small or March-April is the period for preparing cactus for flowering and growth. This refers to plants that live and grow in the home and the apartment, while in greenhouses the period of flowering and growth begins much earlier.

Question: What are their most important needs? Answer: The most important thing is that the cacti in April are brought to the balconies, terraces and gardens and protection in the first week of the strong sun.

Question: Do they have to get fucked and how often?

Answer: They can be fertilized, but not necessary, because these are very modest and resistant plants. If they are routinely transplanted, fertilization is not necessary, and if we still want to conserve it, then we have to do this with special crop protection.

Question: How does the optimum place for cacti in the room look like?

Answer: A place on the window where at least 2-3 hours a day has sunlight.

Question: How much light do they need?

Answer: Cacti and other succulents require sunlight, but the amount of light depends on the species. Most cacti and succulents require very much light, but there are also species that can be shaded and shaded.

Question: List several types of cacti that are easy to nurse indoors, even if the places are not ideal.

Answer: In a bright, but not sunny place, species from families such as Haworthia, Gasteria and Ephyphilum grow on the north side.

Question: What should be taken into account for the cacti to constantly flourish?

Answer: With classic cacti such as Mammillaria and Rebutia, it is necessary to have cold, dry winter air. Varieties of Notocactus, Parodia and Gymnocalycium, which stand throughout the year on a heated window-board, flourish, of course, if the amount of water is reduced to a minimum in winter. In fact, it is not recommended to winter cactus watering.