Cold Brew Coffe

In these hot days, we all imagine a beach deck and a cold drink in your hand. Coffee enthusiasts also add that this drink should be coffee. And it's ice!

First of all, to emphasize - "ice coffee" is not a special drink itself (such as Affogato), nor a special way of preparing coffee (such as espresso); It's the state of the coffee beverage you drink. So, there is no universal recipe for iced coffee. Any coffee that is not warm can be called "ice coffee".

And the famous "cold nonsense" is somehow iced coffee. It is obtained by making a classic non-coffee and then adding 3/4 cups of cold milk. Some dice and ice cubes, for additional cooling (I'm not really an amateur, because this extra coffee bar). Ice cream and whipped cream, as well as syrups with various flavors (like caramel or strawberries) can be added. Then coffee reminds you more of a candy than a coffee drink, but it's not that bad sometimes :)

If you do not like the taste of Nescafe, you can make espresso and then add cold milk (the same procedure is for the cold dishes and the taste is a bit different). Fredo coffee you can order on almost every beach in Greece is actually cold without milk (or little milk) and with lots of ice. In my opinion, best choice would be cold brew wholesale.

Another option is to take coffee, milk, ice and ice cream as you wish, put all of this into a blender and enjoy something that could be described as a coffee-freezer first.

Many cafes under "ice coffee" include espresso with cold milk, ice cream and whipped cream. Although such a cup of coffee is very delicious, keep in mind that they are rather calorie and depending on the ingredients, they often reach up to 300-400 kcal per glass, especially in commercial coffee bars such as Starbucks.

A very refreshing drink, although not "iced coffee" in the true sense of the word is - Affogato. It's a beverage that comes when a hot coffee (espresso) spills over an ice cream ball (usually vanilla). The ice cream slowly melts in espresso and creates a real blast in your mouth. That's why this is one of my favorite beverages.

So - there is no universal recipe for iced coffee. It all depends on your desires, tastes and needs. What is certain is that flights always have a nice cooled coffee. And if it hates you, every time you want to get refreshed, you're cooking coffee again, muttering, washing the espresso machine, and so on. reach for the DIY solution - ice cubes of coffee. Just put them in milk and voila! :) If you also have some ice cream recipes, share it in comments :)