Best Accessories For Upcoming Year

Hey everyone. This is the best day of your life for sure! How's that? Well you are reading this, and trust me, after you're done your life will be so much different. I won't be explaining a lot in the first paragraph, but when you reach the end it will all be clear. If you're too scared to see what's under, please exit this webpage.

What's this guy talking about?

Sup guys? We are witnessing first meaningfull sunlight in this year, and that made me think about accessories for this year. Since I'm kind of fashion guru I'll talk about best picks for this year. Be sure you can't miss, since I've been rewarded fashion guru of the universe for 60 years in a row. I've even beat the famous Zalgamor from Andromeda galaxy. It was a tough fight, but my skirt design for aliens has won me another title. Anyway, that being said, let's move to my tips.


This is a must have for any year! Word is going around that they have been worn for more than 200.000 years, and I can say that's partially true. They have been worn much earlier, 7 bilion years ago to be more precise. You see, around that period Zuxfreu species have brought them to our planet Their species is based on making sunglasses and trust me they are good! Fuck rayban and other shit, make your order from Zuxfreu intergalactic shop.


If you haven't wore any hats in past, please move on. This is a litteraly a thing for everyone. I'm proud to say that title for the best hat in the galaxy has went here - on planet Earth. Some fellow earthlings made such a hat that it will blow your mind. There are 50k shippments over the universe each day! Make sure to check out 5 panel hats. With these hats you are guaranteed to have a great year. These are pretty much synonyms for awesomeness. Make sure it goes with your style, so you can match it with your other wear. It's best to look for all natural materials, since they wont hurt your skin at all. 


What are you looking at? Something's not clear? Scarf is great for summer, but only if you know how to wear it. It's not same as in winter, which is so much logical, but if you wear it different way, it will rock your world. First, you need to spray some esid over it. After that you should place it over you nose for no more than20 minutes. After that remove scarf and you will have the best accessory you could possibly imagine. 

These would be some of my basic tips for summer, but trust me there's more. Make sure to stay tuned in and subscribe to my blog since there will be so much more interesting to read. Anything ranging from cars and trees, to chimneys and lories. Litteraly anything that can come to your mind will have it's topic on my blog. I'm also open for suggestions of any type so feel free to reach me on my email firaun@kica.zu

Looking forward to hear from you, stay fresh!