Why We Actually Need Real Estate Agents

We talked with Bob Idell - famous Ocean City NJ reeal estate agent about his work, why is it so important, what services they do instead of buyers and sellers and why they deserve commission.

Buying or selling real estate is the biggest investment for most people, and the process itself can be very complicated and risky. Especially if you get into it on your own without professional help. Of course, buying a property can be quick and easy, provided you are well versed in finance, legal regulation, the construction profession, architecture, energy efficiency, demographics, transport, contracting and administrative procedures ...

All this knowledge, admittedly, can hardly be disposed of by one person, but that is why there is a solution - a real estate agency. We are talking to Jasna Biliskov Baron from Biliskov Real Estate Agency about why to hire a mediation agency, how to check if the agency is legal and what services it offers.

- Just as you always hire a law firm to advise and represent you in legal affairs, so the real estate business requires professionals who will do the pretty important job for you. And these are licensed and professional real estate agencies - says Jasna Biliskov Baron, and above all advises that every potential client checks the legality of the agency she plans to hire. Namely, the fact is that in every branch, including among real estate agencies, there are those who do their job as professionally and transparently as possible, but also those who would be better avoided. Unfortunately, there are also "black" agencies on the market that ruin the profession's reputation.

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- If you work with an illegal trader and if there are any complications during the sale phase, you are absolutely vulnerable and unprotected in every way. If the agency is illegal you will know if it is not entered in the register of real estate agents kept by the US Chamber of Economy. Alarm for the gray zone should also be real estate ads on web portals and in prints without a visible name of the agency, and in a telephone conversation they tell you that they are an agency and ask for a commission - he points out.

A quality and legal licensed real estate agency, in turn, brings together a team of people made up of professionals in various fields, such as licensed agents, architects, financial advisers, attorneys, appraisers, who will check each property in advance and when you describe your needs, the process will really be quick and easy, and contracting, transaction and transcript of ownership secure. 

How To Wash Your Hats - LDH Knows How!

I know this question has been asked and answered so many times. Beside that, it's still being asked more than 100.000 times a month! At least that's how many searches it gets on monthly bases on Google alone. 

Having this in mind I decided to talk with one of the owners and creators of Lift Down Hats about this topic. Before we move to quick tips and guide, let's have few words about LDG itself. They are small company specializing in unique headwear. If you’re looking for something new, you’re in the right place.

Cleaning a hat in cloth or felt is not as difficult as many think;

-You can clean your hat using a soft bristle brush. Gently brush the hat always combing it in the same direction of the hair.

- Brush your hat from the cup to the wing removing dust, you can use duct tape to remove lint.

-If your cloth hat has small spots use a sponge with warm water and soap to remove the stain.

-The leather and felt hats are more prone to stains, if your hat comes into contact with any substance such as mud, avoid rubbing it as it will only fix the stain more. Let the substance dry and freshly remove it.

No more than 200 words and LDH owner already explained how to keep your hats clean and neat all the time. It's not that big of a deal as many think, and it will take you no more than 10 minutes to clean your hat, no matter of the material it's made of. 

I really hope that this two minute read solved your problems when it comes to cleaning your hat. Since LDH owner gave us his time to explain in short points how to do it, make sure to visit his website and learn more useful tips.

Rare Succulents

You’ve been around the fat-plant block. You’ve got your ghost plants, your jades, your Lithops and at least a dozen different kinds of Echeveria. You scoff at people who confuse a Euphorbia with a cactus.

You’re a cactus connoisseur now. The King of Kalanchoe, or the Princess of Pachyphytum. You gots the Graptopetalums.

So, what’s next? How do you prove to yourself (and the world) that you’ve reached the next level of succulent fandom?

Well, obtaining some of these hard-to-find succulents and cacti is a good start. Beware, though! Some of these rare succulents are hard to care for!

Click any of the following images to go find them online! All of the links are to live plants, not seeds. Buying seeds is always iffy.

Best Succulent Instagram Accounts To Follow

Succulents are everywhere these days.

We're by no means complaining, because we've given into the obsession, just like the rest of the world. We own plenty of plant babies.

They're lining every walkway in our home and sitting pretty on our desks at work. Still, we can't get enough of them. As Ariel said, we want more.

Because taking care of succulents requires more time and effort than we have, we found the easiest way to get our succulent fix is by following succulent accounts on Instagram. That way we see enough plants to fill our hearts with joy, but we don't actually have to care for them. Though in our heads, we're convinced double tapping their photo is helping them stay alive.

Read the article below to check out 10 succulent Instagram accounts you need to follow, if you aren't already.




Der Schlüsseldienst Wien von Mykeys ist schnell und hat absolut transparente Preise. Sie fragen sich sicher, wann wir zum Einsatz kommen. Versetzen Sie sich in Lauras Lage:


Nach einem gemütlichen Abend mit Freunden in einem italienischen Restaurant, hat sich Laura auf den Weg Heim gemacht und wollte so den Rest des Abends mit ihrem Verlobten ausklingen lassen. Der Parkplatz wurde schnell gefunden, Laura suchte Ihre Schlüssel in der Tasche und fand sie schließlich nach einiger Zeit. Jetzt öffnet Sie Ihre Tür und entdeckt ihren Verlobten, der den Müll nicht entsorgt hat. Nach einer Aufforderung den Mist sofort zu entsorgen, haben beide damit begonnen. Doch unter mysteriösen Umständen wurde auf den Schlüssel vergessen. Somit hat sich dieses junge Pärchen ausgeschlossen und der Weg zurück in die Wohnung war ein erschwertes Hindernis und ohne fachliche Hilfe gar nicht möglich. Leider war auch der Ersatzschlüssel nicht parat. Zum Glück hatten sie ihr Handy bei der Hand und schnell wurde der günstige Schlüsseldienst Wien von Mykeys gefunden!


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Unser Einsatzgebiet ist Wien und Umgebung


Ihr seriöser Schlüsseldienst in Wien ist in allen 23. Wiener Gemeindebezirken tätig. Ohne Anfahrtskosten sind wir spätestens in einer halben Stunde bei Ihnen. Sehen Sie hier einen Überblick der Bezirke in denen wir tätig sind:


Schlüsseldienst Wien in 1010 Innere Stadt

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Besuchen Sie uns jetzt auch auf unserer Webseite: https://www.mykeys.at



Schlüsseldienst und Aufsperrdienst in Wien

Favoritenstraße 145/4 – 1100 Wien

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Succulent City - Your Guide For Succulents

Today I'll talk about an website dedicated entirely to succulents. There's no place on the web where you'll be able to find more relevant info regarding this topic than on the Succulent City website. 

Cultivating and resistant cacti, cacti offer immense satisfaction to their breeders. Because of the ease of cultivation, they are often the first plants with which flower lovers start to experience. We learned more about these plants in a conversation with Robert, representative of the Succulent City, which has existed since 2018.

Question: The general opinion is that the cactus is not difficult to cultivate. Is that right?

Answer: This is true. The largest number of cactus species is easily grown and survived in the most common soil. But rule number one is that cacti do not spill from October to April, practically not a bit. In April, plants are transplanted if needed, which means if the vessel is too small or March-April is the period for preparing cactus for flowering and growth. This refers to plants that live and grow in the home and the apartment, while in greenhouses the period of flowering and growth begins much earlier.

Question: What are their most important needs? Answer: The most important thing is that the cacti in April are brought to the balconies, terraces and gardens and protection in the first week of the strong sun.

Question: Do they have to get fucked and how often?

Answer: They can be fertilized, but not necessary, because these are very modest and resistant plants. If they are routinely transplanted, fertilization is not necessary, and if we still want to conserve it, then we have to do this with special crop protection.

Question: How does the optimum place for cacti in the room look like?

Answer: A place on the window where at least 2-3 hours a day has sunlight.

Question: How much light do they need?

Answer: Cacti and other succulents require sunlight, but the amount of light depends on the species. Most cacti and succulents require very much light, but there are also species that can be shaded and shaded.

Question: List several types of cacti that are easy to nurse indoors, even if the places are not ideal.

Answer: In a bright, but not sunny place, species from families such as Haworthia, Gasteria and Ephyphilum grow on the north side.

Question: What should be taken into account for the cacti to constantly flourish?

Answer: With classic cacti such as Mammillaria and Rebutia, it is necessary to have cold, dry winter air. Varieties of Notocactus, Parodia and Gymnocalycium, which stand throughout the year on a heated window-board, flourish, of course, if the amount of water is reduced to a minimum in winter. In fact, it is not recommended to winter cactus watering.

Cold Brew Coffe

In these hot days, we all imagine a beach deck and a cold drink in your hand. Coffee enthusiasts also add that this drink should be coffee. And it's ice!

First of all, to emphasize - "ice coffee" is not a special drink itself (such as Affogato), nor a special way of preparing coffee (such as espresso); It's the state of the coffee beverage you drink. So, there is no universal recipe for iced coffee. Any coffee that is not warm can be called "ice coffee".

And the famous "cold nonsense" is somehow iced coffee. It is obtained by making a classic non-coffee and then adding 3/4 cups of cold milk. Some dice and ice cubes, for additional cooling (I'm not really an amateur, because this extra coffee bar). Ice cream and whipped cream, as well as syrups with various flavors (like caramel or strawberries) can be added. Then coffee reminds you more of a candy than a coffee drink, but it's not that bad sometimes :)

If you do not like the taste of Nescafe, you can make espresso and then add cold milk (the same procedure is for the cold dishes and the taste is a bit different). Fredo coffee you can order on almost every beach in Greece is actually cold without milk (or little milk) and with lots of ice. In my opinion, best choice would be cold brew wholesale.

Another option is to take coffee, milk, ice and ice cream as you wish, put all of this into a blender and enjoy something that could be described as a coffee-freezer first.

Many cafes under "ice coffee" include espresso with cold milk, ice cream and whipped cream. Although such a cup of coffee is very delicious, keep in mind that they are rather calorie and depending on the ingredients, they often reach up to 300-400 kcal per glass, especially in commercial coffee bars such as Starbucks.

A very refreshing drink, although not "iced coffee" in the true sense of the word is - Affogato. It's a beverage that comes when a hot coffee (espresso) spills over an ice cream ball (usually vanilla). The ice cream slowly melts in espresso and creates a real blast in your mouth. That's why this is one of my favorite beverages.

So - there is no universal recipe for iced coffee. It all depends on your desires, tastes and needs. What is certain is that flights always have a nice cooled coffee. And if it hates you, every time you want to get refreshed, you're cooking coffee again, muttering, washing the espresso machine, and so on. reach for the DIY solution - ice cubes of coffee. Just put them in milk and voila! :) If you also have some ice cream recipes, share it in comments :)